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Discontent with the existing trackers for the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Randomizer, I decided to create my own.

The 2.0 release of my Item Tracker companion application features multiple save files so you can track more than one play-through at a time, options for items and quantities to track, macros for quick keyboard input even when the companion app is not in focus, and minor application settings as well.

As the project is on hold at the moment due to life circumstances, I was never able to make a readme file with instructions on how to use the lesser-known features of the companion application. So here are some of the workings of the app:

- Left click to activate and item. Right click to deactivate it.
- Left click to increment items with numbering. Right click to decrement them.
- Left click to cycle forward through items with image sequences. Right click to cycle backwards.
- Left click the medallion selector to pick the medallion needed to activate. Click outside the box to dismiss it. When a medallion is selected, left click it to activate it, right click it to deactivate it, and middle click it to revert it back to the medallion selector.
- Left click the dungeon name (i.e. Fire Temple) to toggle between vanilla dungeon keys and masterquest keys. The text will turn purple with masterquest toggled and the number of keys will reflect the new dungeon layout.
- Middle click a song icon to display the notes needed to play the song. If note shuffling is enabled, when you first activate the song item, it will ask you to imput the notes for the song, which will reflect with subsequent middle mouse clicks.

Please feel free to leave me feedback here.

If you encounter any bugs or application crashes, please report theme here (some questions in the form reflect a future release of the tracker, which can be dismissed).

I do eventually plan to take this project off hold once I either have more time or some amount of funding. For when that time comes, if you have a feature you would like to request, please request that here.

Thank you for the support and for choosing Countdhoun's Item Tracker.


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